The Importance of Not Letting Your Car Fall Victim to Disuse

Don’t Let Your Vehicle Sit Idle

Do you remember how your Grandmother stored sweaters over the summer? If you do, you may be cringing at the memory of the scent of too many mothballs right now. Your Grandmother, however, likely prided her self on the ability to save sweaters year after year without unpacking them only to find them full of moth-eaten holes. Since moths don’t attack cars, it might seem that your vehicle is safe when it’s just sitting in storage, but it can actually substantially decay. Even during this pandemic, where many of us are choosing to stay at home and not venture out as much, it is important to avoid leaving yoru car unused for long periods of time. If you can’t, talk to our certified technicians at T. Busch Automotive, in Jefferson, Ohio, about the steps you can take to minimize the impact.

The Hands of Time

The hands of time are not kind when it comes to storing automobiles. If possible, it’s best to use a car rather than leaving it stored. Another alternative is to crank and run the car periodically. While this helps with some of the mechanical issues, you may still likely encounter body and tire issues. When a vehicle is left sitting for extended periods (and we’re talking about several months or more, not a week here or there), a number of unfavorable things can happen. Here are a few examples:

  • The battery may die: Batteries can drain down over time when the car is not running so that the alternator recharges the battery. Aside from running the car sometimes, you can also disconnect the battery so that small items that are always on (such as the clock) don’t continue to suck power from the dormant battery.
  • Tires also suffer: When tires remain in one position without care or use, they often begin to deflate. They can develop flat spots, or the rubber may even begin to deteriorate, a condition often called “dry rot”.
  • Metal body parts are more susceptible to rust: This is particularly true if the enviornment is humid, and layers of dust, dirt, or other debris may collect and eventually adhere to the car.
  • Infestations are possible: Insects and/or rodents could take up residence inside the auto, or mold could begin growing in moist areas.
  • Leaky fluids: Fluids and oils can leak or lose their ability to adequately protect mechanical components.

Your Partner in Prevention and Recovery for Your Unused Vehicle

Storing a vehicle isn’t ideal but it isn’t the proverbial “end of the world” either. Talk to the experts at T.Busch Automotive in Jefferson, Ohio. We can help you with preparing your auto for storage (oil change, advice on using jack stands to raise tires off the ground/floor, etc.), and we can also assist you with the car’s recovery once it comes out of storage (fluid changes, tire inspection, etc.).